The Third Eye Chakra focuses on our ability to analyze, think, reason, perceive, understand, dream, imagine and visualise.

This Chakra is the centre for the psychic gift of clairvoyance meaning 'clear sight'.

Third Eye Chakra Essence

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The sixth of the seven main Chakras is the Third Eye Chakra

Colour of Influence: Indigo

Element: Spirit

Body Sense: Extra-sensory Perception

Inner Aspect: Intution

Self AspectHigher intuition and psychic powers

Located in the centre of the eyes, the Third Eye Chakra or Brow Chakra is related to the ability to see both physically and psychically. 

It is the seat of our intuition and inner wisdom and when balanced allows us access to ‘the bigger picture’ of our lives. Inner vision is connected to this Chakra. 

It is here that we have "sixth sight", or the ability to "see" by way of clairvoyance. We use this Chakra for visualization, receiving insight or inspiration.

Imbalances in the Third Eye Chakra can cause blindness, seizures, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunctions, panic, depression, fear of truth, discipline, judgment, evaluation, emotional intelligence and confusion.

When to use the Essence

Lack of faith in self and the universe. Feeling that ‘I don’t know’. Overly mental approach to life. Difficulty with intuition or inner knowing. No inner pictures. Unable to focus thoughts. Stuck in the small details of life. 

Relates to - Indigo, Light, Intuition and the Soul Body.

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