Most of us neglect our feet - particularly in the winter months when they are not on show.  As our feet are the hardest working and most neglected part of our body, setting time aside for a regular pedicure treatment will help care for your feet and keep them healthy all year round.

If you haven't experienced the joys of a pedicure, now's the time to treat yourself. Well-cared-for feet look and feel fantastic! 

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"I was definitely anti pedicure - but that was before I experienced a pedicure in the pleasant salon of Elegant Nails & Beauty by Sue. It was completely relaxing and stress free and my feet never felt better.  The quality and service provided by Sue was excellent. I would certainly recommend a pedicure as a special treat to anyone". 

CN of Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide, South Australia


"Thanks Sue for my beautiful pedi.  Toes still looking fab!"

Shellac Toe Paint

Choice of

Mini Pedicure 30 mins* $35.00

For toes that need a tidy up. Includes File/Shorten/Shape/Paint.

Happy Feet Pedicure 60 mins* $65.00

This pedicure is especially designed for the busy person whose feet require rejuvenation and some “TLC”. 

Includes Foot Spa, Cuticle Treatment, Aromatic Foot Exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, removal of dry skin on heels, Aromatic Foot Mask plus a Foot Massage, Toe Nail Filing and Shaping, and toes painted with your choice of colour and a quick dry top coat. 

Rejuvenation Pedicure 80 mins*  $85.00 

This treatment involves total indulgence for the feet.

Includes Foot Spa, Cuticle Treatment, Aromatic Foot Exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, removal of dry skin on heels, Aromatic Foot Mask, Foot and 1/2 leg Massage, Toe Nail Filing and Shaping, Paraffin Treatment and toes painted with your choice of colour and a quick dry top coat.

Paint Only/French Paint 20mins* $15.00 

Summer or Winter, special events and open-toed shoes deserve a suitably stylish finish. When your toes have to impress, what better choice than the timeless elegance of a French Polish?

 * additional drying time required


Shellac Pedicure & Paint 60 mins $55.00*
Shellac Pedicure & French 60 mins $60.00*
Shellac Removal & Pedicure 70 mins $70.00
 * additional $25.00 to upgrade to deluxe includes foot exfoliant, removal of cracked heels, foot massage

Say Goodbye to your post-pedi depression.

No more sheet marks, dents, dings or dulling.

No more regrets the morning after.

Shellac is hypo-allergenic and does not include Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). 

Shellac lasts for 14 days with no chipping, scratching or fading and will remain glossy and glamorous the entire duration!! 

 Latest Polish Trends (Optional)

Crackle FX Nail Polish

OPI Shatter                               

Contains solvents that are normally considered incompatible with polish so when it is applied to the surface of the polish, it dries unevenly causing cracks in  the surface to appear. The results are brilliant leaving you with a fantastic effect. 

Additional $5.00 with Pedicure

Magneffect Nail Polish


is a revolutionary nail polish that uses a special magnet to create tridimensional nail art designs within the nail polish, in seconds. 

The polishes are quick drying and dry to a high shine and are available in 24 colours. 

Additional $5.00 with Pedicure

Hologram Effect Nail Polish

Hologram Effect  

is a nail polish formulated with the highest quality raw material to capture light and transform it into amazing, ever-changing visual effects of liquid swirls and rainbows and ultra dimensional colours.

Additional $5.00 with Pedicure

Mirror Effect Nail Polish

Mirror Effect                                    

is a Shimmering chrome mirror nail polish that reflects light and gives your nails the look of polished metal.

The polishes are quick drying and dry to a high shine and are available in 8 fashionable colours. 

Additional $5.00 with Pedicure

With Elegant Nails & Beauty by Sue you will look gorgeous and feel fabulous for less than you think!

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 All prices are subject to change without prior notice.  

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