Hands down, women's hands work hard every single day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so they will definitely crave some "TLC" from time to time, and having regular manicures is all that is required to have hands and nails that you will want to show off, rather than ones you have to keep hidden.

Our hands are one of the most neglected parts of our body, and are a tell-tale sign of ageing, so they need to be pampered on a regular basis. Your hands deserve total indulgence so book in for a Manicure today! 



"Sue has been my manicurist for over ten years.  In that time she has always been caring and professional, in fact I now think of her as a friend". 

CJ of Woodcroft, SA

Choose from:

Express File 'n' Shape 15 mins* $15.00
For nails that just need a reshape. No paint required.

Express Shape & Paint 20 mins* $20.00  

For nails that need a shape and paint. inc. Top Coat

Express Mini Manicure 30 mins* $30.00

For beautiful, healthy nails. Includes Soak, Cuticle and Nail Treatment, Nail Filing and Shaping and Polish Application with your choice of colour. (inc. Base & Top Coat)

Heavenly Hands Manicure 60 mins* $50.00 

For beautiful hands and healthy nails. Includes Soak, Cuticle and Nail Treatment, Nail Filing and Shaping, Aromatic Hand Exfoliation, Hand Massage and Polish Application with your choice of colour. (inc. Base & Top Coat)

Divine Deluxe Manicure 80 mins* $70.00 

This is total indulgence for the hands and nails. 

Includes Soak, Cuticle and Nail Treatment, Nail Filing and Shaping, Aromatic Hand Exfoliation, Hand/Arm Massage, Paraffin Treatment and Polish Application with your choice of colour. (inc. Base & Top Coat)

Perfectly Painted Colour or French (Paint only) 20 mins*  $15.00 

For classic nail care, how about the elegance of a French Polish. You can’t beat it for its timeless appeal. (inc. Base & Top Coat)

* additional drying time required 

Shellac Manicure Click Here
Big 3

For your health and well-being the Nail Polishes used in our Salon are Formaldehyde, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), and Toluene FREE!!

Important Information:

When purchasing nail polishes and nail hardeners please read your labels to make sure that they DO NOT contain any of these 3 toxins:

 Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): which keeps polish from becoming brittle, also can cause reproductive harm. Known to trigger asthma attacks. Linked to breast cancer, birth defects., Disruptive to the Endocrine system causes changes in hormone levels.

• Formaldehyde: a nail hardener also used in a wide variety of products including air fresheners and some hair straightening products. Considered a human carcinogen by U.S. health agencies, it is an irritating chemical causing people to have allergic reactions. 

Don’t be fooled if it’s listed as formalin on the label.

• Toluene: the aromatic solvent can irritate the eyes, throat and lungs. Known to cause dizziness and short term intoxication as well as damage the nervous system and potentially harm an unborn child. It is a solvent that is found in petrol.  

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