Most of us are regularly exposed to an increasing number of potentially toxic chemicals. These toxins may be present in our diet, water supply, work or home environments. 

It is also no secret that much of the food we consume is peppered with chemicals; insecticides, pesticides, preservatives, colours and flavours.  These toxins and artificial foods prevent our bodies from performing at their optimum.

If elimination does not occur regularly every 12 hours, toxins and wastes may start to be reabsorbed back into the body. You can support proper elimination by ensuring a high-fibre and high-water intake. 

If you answer yes to two or more from the following list of questions, your health and well-being could really benefit from taking Lifestream Cleanse.
  • Do you suffer from bloating after a meal?
  • Do you have poor eating habits?
  • Do you skip meals?
  • Do you have skin problems? Eczema? Psoriasis? Acne?
  • Do you eat fatty, sugary or refined foods?
  • Do you have irregular bowel habits?
  • Do you suffer from overindulgence?
  • Do you have fluid retention?
  • Do you have excess kilos to shed?
  • Do you drink coffee more than twice a day?
  • Do you drink alcohol?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes?
  • Do you take medications?
  • Do you take recreational drugs?
  • Are you regularly exposed to chemicals, pesticides or pollutants?
Monthly Special
The natural superfoods in Lifestream Cleanse support the body’s natural internal detoxification and removal process. 

Kit contains:
1x 500ml Biogenic Aloe Vera Juice
1x 200gram BowelBiotics+ Powder
1x 300 tablets of Chlorella
1x Daily Lifestream Cleanse Checklist
1x Comprehensive brochure guide packed with information on 
     how to achieve a healthier, stronger, more regular digestive 

For the month of October save 20% off a Lifestream Cleanse Kit.

Normally $59.95 now $47.95

Leading health experts recommend an annual bowel cleanse...when was the last time you did yours? 

Fine print:

Only 10 kits are available at this special discounted price so be quick!

Minimum Age: 18 years or with parental consent.

Student/Pensioner/Senior discounts not available with this offer.

This offer is not valid with any other discounts or gift vouchers.

This offer must be purchased during the month of October.

Offer expires 31-10-16

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