The Heart Chakra, when awakened and balanced, governs our feelings of compassion, forgiveness, caring and love. 

This is the centre of human intimacy; it activates affection, warmth, friendship and nurturing.

Heart Chakra Essence

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The fourth of the seven main Chakras is the Heart Chakra     

Colour of Influence: Green/Pink

Element: Air

Body Sense: Touch

Inner Aspect: Unconditional love and compassion

Self Aspect: Compassion and Humanitarianism

Located in the region of the physical heart, the issues of this Chakra relate to the need to integrate opposite polarities within the structure of our personality so that we can re-establish the consciousness of unity and unconditional love. 

Balancing this Chakra brings the ability to love without conditions, to feel compassion, peace and brotherhood.

The health of this Chakra improves if we release past traumas and emotional pain and do not try to judge others.

When to use the Essence

Loneliness and isolation from others through fear of being hurt. Fear of closeness. Lack of trust in self or Universe. Feeling unloved. Overly critical, possessive or jealous. Feelings of superiority. Unable to reach out to others. Indecision. 

Relates to - Green, Air, Unity and the Higher Mental Body.

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