Would you like to have softer, smoother feetTry this all natural DIY foot scrub.
Foot Scrub

During the summer months most of us wear strappy sandals to show off our beautifully manicured feet, but some cannot due to dry skin and cracked heals.

One extra step added to your daily beauty routine will make all the difference to your feet.

Use a foot scrub before moisturising.

What is a foot scrub? 

A foot scrub is used to exfoliate and soften your feet.  Using a foot scrub regularly as part of your beauty routine will rejuvenate your feet, by enhancing their look and feel as well as leaving your skin looking healthier and more radiant.

A foot scrub helps to remove dead skin while also nourishing the skin with natural ingredients to help exfoliate the dry rough patches of your feet.  

DIY Recipe

Total Time: 15 mins  

Makes: 115 grams (approximately)


¼ cup Organic Carrier (Vegetable) Oil 

5 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

3 drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 drops Sacred Sandalwood Essential Oil

2 drops Wintergreen Essential Oil

¾ cup Raw Sugar

In a small bowl, mix the carrier oil together with the essential oils. Add mixture to raw sugar in a larger bowl and combine thoroughly. 

Store in an airtight amber or cobalt glass jar and label.


Use about a tablespoon for each foot. Apply scrub to pre-soaked feet. Using circular motion apply the scrub using a circular motion with light pressure all over your feet concentrating on any problem areas.


When applying in the bath, you may want to use a pumice stone to speed up the exfoliation process; however, avoid scrubbing your calluses raw or removing them altogether.

Be careful: The scrub can make your shower slippery!

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