If you want an allergy-free season try this all natural DIY Allergy Blend.
Allergy recipe

When we are exposed to allergens like pollen, environmental toxins and food sensitivities, our body's reactions is a histamine response which causes inflammation and great discomfort for those who suffer from allergies. 

This Allergy Blend will help you stay one step ahead this season.

DIY Recipe

Total Time: 5 mins  

Makes: 15ml


15 ml Roller Bottle

3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

2 drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 drops Lemon Essential Oil or 

2 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Organic Carrier oil (V-6 or Sweet Almond Oil)


Add essential oils to a 15 ml glass roller bottle.

Fill with carrier oil.

Add a AromaGlide roller Ball Fitment to neck of bottle, close the lid and shake thoroughly.

Using the Roller Ball applicator apply mixture to back of neck, on chest twice a day or as needed.


Apply oil 5-10 minutes before you dress to give the oil time to penetrate.

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