Chakra Balancing is a holistic way of unfolding all the potential that you have as a human being. 

By opening and balancing the Chakras, we can moderate karmic patterns; with their help, we can grow beyond our basic instincts and attain higher planes of consciousness.

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Chakra Balancing


"I was having some really sore pains in my left knee. I asked Sue if she knew of anything that could help me with the pain. Sue suggested that I have a Reiki session. I just laughed. Over the next week the pain was unbearable. I rang and booked a session. I thought something had to work. While I was laying on the bed with crystals placed on and around my body, thinking "yeah right as if this is going to work". I lay there, Sue working her magic, I had all these mixed feelings and I could feel her hand above my left leg and then she stopped at my knee. She seemed to think there was a blockage. Sue, still working her magic continued with the Reiki and when she had finished I could bend my knee to 90 degrees. The pain had gone by at least 80%. I also felt very relaxed and refreshed after my Reiki session, and would definitely have another one. I would recommend a Reiki session for anyone with either pain, an illness or just to cleanse your system". 

LH of Morphett Vale, SA

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centres that run up the spine to the crown of the head, linking subtle bodies to the physical. 

Known as the Aura or Etheric body, subtle bodies surround the physical body enfolding it within protective energy.

Each of the seven Chakras is associated with an area or organ of our physical body, and vibrates at a specific colour wavelength. This energy penetrates our physical form and emanates from there into infinity. Thus the Chakras are the way in which spiritual information and life energy can reach the human body, and are the seat of our Karma.

Chakras absorb and distribute the vital energies throughout the Etheric and physical forms.

If blocked or overactive, Chakras create disharmony, if left untreated, this leads to physical, emotional or mental dis-ease. 

Chakra Balancing can:

  • Balance energies in the Chakras
  • Balance organ and gland functions
  • Cleanse toxins and blocked energies
  • Promote a state of total relaxation
  • Reduce stress
  • Re-establish spiritual equilibrium well-being
  • Re-establish mental well-being
  • Release blocks
  • Relieve muscular disorders
  • Relieve nervous disorders
  • Relieve pain
  • Strengthen life force energy
  • Vitalise the Mind, Body and Soul

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90 minute session


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