The Arctic Essence primarily frees the pure undiluted light potential of the individual. It both brings in and releases pure light energy within the individual, energy which has been held in suspension, waiting to be activated.

Arctic Essence

The Arctic Essence is the second of the Light Frequency Essences and was made in Greenland.  

  • Brings in and releases pure light energy within the person
  • Activates suspended pure light energy held within an individual, increasing our spiritual awareness
  • Balances one’s own electro-magnetic frequency and harmonises one to the earth’s changing electromagnetic frequency
  • Addresses issues of separation from self, someone or something
  • Assists one to see their negative aspects and rectify them
  • Can repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, purity and peace
  • Shows what you need to come alive, to flow, to be joyous and light

Priced at $21.95 per 30ml bottle

The Light Frequency Essences work best when taken individually one Essence at a time. The Essences should be taken for a minimum period of two weeks, seven (7) drops from the dosage bottle, taken under the tongue, on rising and retiring.  At the end of that period you can either repeat this Essence or commence the next Essence. 

It is highly recommended that the Antarctica Essence be the first of the seven Light Frequency Essences to be taken, and you work through each Essence sequentially  - Antarctic - Artic - Amazon - China - Lake Baikal - Madagascar and finally Mt. Pinatubo.  

This chronology allows for the flowing expansion of our reality and consequently paves the way for fully utilising the unique qualities of the other Essences - greatly enhancing and activating them. To do otherwise will appreciably reduce the effectiveness of the results.

Descriptive text supplied courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.

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