Think of your nails as the icing on a cake. The finishing touch to your outfit, shoes, hair and make-up. If your nails look untidy they can ruin your entire look! 

There are several ways to give your natural nails an artificial boost - either in length or strength and give your hands an instant make-over! 

No matter what your nail dilemma (bitten, ridges, peeling, splitting, weak), we can transform your nails. If you are ready to test drive some glammed-up nails call or text us today 0419 806 803!

Acrylic Nails


"I have had acrylic nails for over 15 years and have been to many different nail technicians in that time. I have never come across anyone more special than Sue who runs and owns Elegant Nails & Beauty. When you walk in through the door you walk into a relaxing tranquil environment and instantly you feel better (well I do) and it takes a lot for me to relax. 

I have a small business and my hands are in a lot of water for long periods of time and my nails get knocked around a lot. I have been going to Sue now for a year  and in that time my nails have improved in strength and I very rarely lose a nail. Sue has great talent in nail art and a great range of polish colours.

Elegant Nails & Beauty also do more than just nails. Sue offers Waxing, Aromatherapy, Facials, Pedicures, Tinting, and what makes it super special is the Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healings, Reiki and Vibrational Essences - Services that are very UNIQUE.

I am so very grateful that I have found Elegant Nails and Beauty by Sue because my whole well-being is better for it. Thanks Sue". 

KS of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"I've been having my acrylic nails done by Sue for over 10 years now! She's an absolute gem! Can't rave about her enough! Half the time I end up staying well past my appointment coz I don't want to leave lol! Highly recommended!"

BF of Wayville, Adelaide, South Australia


"I love the atmosphere here, it's calming.. I also look forward to the chin wag we have when Sue's working her magic on my nails :D go on book an appointment and find out why..!"

KN of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"Thanks so much Sue for making my nails look amazing for my 40th Birthday".

KD of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"Love my glow in the dark acrylic nails".

TH of Morphett Vale, Adelaide, South Australia


"I met Sue over ten years ago when she had the store at Morphett Vale. Have now found her again and after all these years have discovered how much she has grown and excelled in her life and still provides Quality nails AND care. .. glad to have found you Sue"

DP of Aldinga, Adelaide, South Australia


"It was lovely meeting you Sue. Thank you so much for my beautiful nails and also for the time and care you took.... Looking forward to my next visit".

BT of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"Just started going to sue about 2 months ago. I have previously had acrylics they kept breaking. So I decided to go to Elegant Nails. Wow I am extremely happy with Sue I have had no breakages at all. Would recommend to anyone, great service, great nails, I will be coming back"

JH of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"I went to Sue for the first time on Saturday and not only am I wrapped with my nails but Sue's level of service, in the initial contact Sue took the time to ask questions about what I had previously had done and also what I would like done, if you are looking for a nail technician that knows her stuff and cares about her clients.... contact Sue!"

TB of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"Today was my first time at Elegant Nails, it's a great experience, Sue is soft and gentle... my left hand can be difficult other salons hurt me but this is the first time I have left a nail salon with hands that don't hurt."

CP of Morphett Vale, Adelaide, South Australia


"Wonderful service and fantastic ability to provide a great set of acrylics, greeted with a smile and kind words. Always leave feeling completely relaxed and positive about the weeks ahead....Will keep returning!"

JD of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"Sue is not only gorgeous, friendly and an absolute pleasure to spend time with but I always love my nails. Thank you Sue xxxx!"

RA of Woodcroft, Adelaide, South Australia


"So happy to have finally found myself a nail tech that cares about doing my nails properly and WELL. And tipping ny happiness over the edge is the fact that she is super lovely. 

Glad to have finally found you Sue. ... looking forward to a lasting and "nailed" relationship.!"

KH of Reynella, Adelaide, South Australia

We use N.S.I. Non-Yellowing MMA Free Acrylic System

Full Sets - Instant transformation of your nails
Painted (includes Top Coat) 75 mins* $60.00
Permanent White French 80 mins $65.00
Permanent Colour French 80 mins $65.00
Permanent Glitter French 80 mins $65.00 
Overlays - Acrylic layer over your natural nails 
Painted (includes Top Coat) 60 mins* $50.00
Permanent White French 60 mins $55.00
Permanent Colour French 60 mins  $55.00 
Permanent Glitter French 60 mins  $60.00 

Refills - Regular maintenance of your acrylic nails 

Painted (includes Top Coat) 60 mins* $50.00
Permanent White French 60 mins $55.00
Permanent Colour French 60 mins  $55.00
Permanent Glitter French 60 mins  $55.00 

Party Tips - Temporary tips glued to your nails for special occasions

Party Tips (including Paint) 60 mins$45.00

Click here for more information

Paint Only - When you fancy a colour change but don't have the time to do it yourself.

Colour 15 mins* $15.00

French 15 mins* $20.00

Repairs - broken nails fixed in a jiffy!

Casual Repairs (per finger) $6.00 from

With Refills (per finger)  $4.00 each

Acrylic (Soak off) Removal 

We soak off your acrylics NO drills or clippers involved!

Removal & Manicure* from $ 65.00 

Optional Shellac

* additional drying time required

Please note: Additional amount will be charged for longer nail lengths ie Almond, Coffin, Ballerina or Lipstick etc.

Caring for your Acrylic nails at home Click here

Nail Art can be incorporated into your Manicure or Pedicure

whether you have natural or artificial nails Click here

Beware of Nail Salons that use MMA! Our Salon is MMA - (Methyl Methacrylate FREE!!


Air Shield

Air Shield Top Coat

is a brush on polish sealant that 

• Creates a high gloss finish on painted nails

• Is non yellowing

• Is fast drying

• Keeps nails looking "Salon New" all month 

Additional $5.00 with Refills.


Glaze n go

Glaze n Go

is a brush on UV Gel that seals & protects

• Provides a high gloss finish on acrylic nails

• Is non yellowing

• Is scratch and wear resistant

• Sets in 3 minutes and you're good to go

Additional $5.00 with Refills.

Latest Polish Trends (Optional)

Life is too short to have boring nails...

Turn your next refill from boring to beautiful in minutes...

Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails  

are a shiny new nail art trend. The bold look is achieved with a highly pigmented silver powder on the nail surface.  The results are out of this world. While silver over black is the "classic chrome manicure", there are variations on this nail look, depending on your choice of base colour and powder colour.

Accent Nails $5.00 per nail or Additional $15.00 with Refills or Shellac Manicure

Matte Nails

Matte Nails 

are the polar opposite of the super shiny nails we have been used to wearing. It is very fashionable these days to have a matte or non-shiny nail colour. You can turn any colour into a matte finish.

Additional $5.00 with Refills  

Crackle FX Nail Polish

Shatter/Crackle FX                       

Contains solvents that are normally considered incompatible with polish so when it is applied to the surface of the polish, it dries unevenly causing cracks in  the surface to appear. The results are brilliant leaving you with a fantastic effect. 8 colours to choose from.

Additional $5.00 with Refills

Magneffect Nail Polish


is a revolutionary nail polish that uses a special magnet to create tridimensional nail art designs within the nail polish, in seconds. 

These polishes are quick drying and dry to a high shine. Choose from 24 colours. 

Additional $5.00 with Refills

Hologram Nail Polish

Hologram Effect  

is a nail polish formulated with the highest quality raw material to capture light and transform it into amazing, ever-changing visual effects of liquid swirls and rainbows and ultra dimensional colours. Available in 8 colours.

Additional $5.00 with Refills

Mirror Effect Nail Polish

Mirror Effect                           

is a shimmering chrome mirror nail polish that reflects light and gives your nails the look of polished metal.

The polishes are quick drying and dry to a high shine and are currently available in 8 fashionable colours. 

Additional $5.00 with Refills


Caviar Effect 

your next refill will have an edgy look with these colourful micro beads. Either match the glass beads with your polish or choose a contrast colour to have an accent nail in the effect. Choose from 12 vibrant colours.

Additional $5.00 with Refills

Liquid Sand

Liquid Sand

dries to a textured matte finish with reflective glints of light. It looks and feels like sand hence the name. 19 amazing colours to choose from. Can be worn with or without top coat.

Additional $5.00 with Refills

With Elegant Nails & Beauty by Sue you will look gorgeous and feel fabulous for less than you think!

To have a spa experience in the comfort of your own home call or text Sue today 0419 806 803

 All prices are subject to change without prior notice.  

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