One of the first signs of ageing skin is dullness. Fortunately, it's easy to reclaim your radiance. 
Here are 9 tips on how to take your skin from drab to fab!

Concealer Application

Follow these simple tips to achieve the beautiful skin every woman wants.

Tip #1 Scrub Up

A facial scrub has a gritty consistency that buffs away dead skin cells. The key is to go gently since mechanical scrubs, when used with too much pressure, can cause irritation. Choose a formula that contains gentle exfoliating beads - not fruit pits, which can be too rough for your face. 

Tip #2 Go for Glycolic

Glycolic acid, a chemical exfoliant, works by dissolving the gluelike bonds that keep dead cells stuck on skin's surface. 

Use a daily cleanser that contains the acid or a twice-weekly, at-home peel to cleanse and help to diminish the signs of photo-ageing and sun damage. 

Tip #3 Power Up

Cleansing the skin thoroughly is the most critical, but often overlooked, skin care step. Normal cleansing can leave behind dirt, oil, impurities and a layer of dead skin cells. Such build up can leave the skin looking dull, congested and dry. It also stops your skin care products from being properly absorbed. 

Using a cleansing brush will give your skin a deep clean as well as loosen dead skin cells. It is perfect for improving your skins texture and assists in the minimisation of oily/dry skin and blemishes.

Tip #4 Visit a beautician and get a facial

A spa facial is a surefire way to boost skin's brilliance. Most women enjoy the pampering and relaxation they feel when receiving a facial treatment, but there are a multitude of other benefits that having regular facials can offer you and your skin's health and wellness.

Tip #5 Eat healthy 

You have heard it before but dietary imbalances can have a direct effect on our skin's health. 

One of the most common: a lack of essential fatty acids, which helps skin retain its moisture so it doesn't get that dull, dehydrated look.

Eat one serving a day of omega-3 fatty acids from a handful of walnuts, flax, or chia seeds.

Tip #6 Rev up your radiance

From the moment you open your eyes and head outdoors the skin on your face is exposed to harmful UV rays, moisture stripping winds and pore clogging pollution. Come nighttime your skin cells kick into renewal mode to prepare themselves to defend against tomorrow's environmental attacks. 

Turbo charge this reparative cycle with some night creams and skin serums.  Look for mango and shea butters to moisturise, antioxidants to combat free radical damage, and retinol and Vitamin C to ease fine lines and pigmentation. 

Tip #7 Fake It with Makeup 

Get instant luminosity from a liquid highlighter. This little gem delivers the most beautiful, radiant glow to even the dullest complexion. 

Simply mix into your foundation (blend in the palm of your hand) or wear alone to even out skin tone for an all-over glow. Can also be applied as the finishing touch to your make up application. If applied correctly, it will look like you're walking around in the perfect lighting all day long.  

Tip #8 Get your hair coloured

A slight tweak to your hair colour can take skin from blah to beaming. 

Have your hairdresser add a few brighter ribbons of colour around your face. Never go more than one to two shades lighter than your natural colour otherwise you will look older than your birthdays. 

Tip #9 Get Even

If splotches and spots are standing in the way of your glowing skin, consider a topical skin brightener, which delivers more even skin over time. 

There are light-infusing serums available that have been developed for women aged 25-55 to help correct dark spots and reveal a more even, youthful looking skin. Light weight serums are enriched with light diffusing actives to even and illuminate your skin tone. Try Luminosity Even Tone Illuminating Serum 30ml $70.00 

Bonus Tip:

Tip #10 Drink your 2 litres per day

Obviously this is a given if you want to have a clear, glowing complexion. Your body needs it and your skin needs it to stay hydrated. Remember... you are what you eat and drink!

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