Beautiful skin is a sign of youth, healthy diet habits, good genes and a meticulous skincare routine.

If you don't have success with each of the above you can still get a flawless finish out of a bottle
Foundation Application

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to disguise your flaws and make your skin glow.

1. Moisturise

Start by moisturising your skin thoroughly and then leave it for a few minutes so it can sink into your skin. Moisturising will prepare the skin.

Tip: Don't forget to use an undereye cream as foundation will crease underneath your eyes which can be ageing.

2. Apply your foundation

Apply dots of foundation onto your forehead, nose cheeks and chin. Using a dampened beauty blender or foundation brush starting in the center of the face and blending outwards using small circular strokes. 

Make sure you properly blend into your hairline and jawline. Apply your foundation in good natural light and blend, blend, blend!

Tip: Don't forget your eyelids, foundation makes a great base for eyeshadow to stick to.

3. Blend the foundation

Using a damp beauty blender blend the foundation with a rolling motion and press it into your skin. The will help give you an even coverage.

4. Conceal any flaws

Focus on concealing blemishes, scars, spots and dark undereye circles. These can be effectively covered using a concealer but it can be a time-consuming process. 

Begin by building the indentation up to skin level by dotting on layers of concealer. This is best applied using your detailer brush. Take your time and allow each layer to settle into the skin properly before you apply the next one.  

5. Set your foundation

Set your foundation by dusting powder lightly over your T-zone. Blot your face after applying the powder so it doesn't lie on your face. Do not over-powder. You want your skin to look flawless not cakey.

Tip: Never apply powder under your eyes as it can accentuate fine lines.

Bonus Tip: Apply your concealer after you have applied your foundation as most foundations will have enough coverage and you will only have to apply to the darker areas of your face.

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